Linked to your other everyday tools like Slack, Jira, Google Calendar and many more, Chronoscope is able to easily help you create precise and relevant timesheets.

Chat Integration

Connecting Slack or Teams allows Chronoscope to send pre-filled timesheets to your team in form of an interactive message.

The more integrations you have, the more precise the pre-filled timesheets are.

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Slack time tracking
Jira time tracking

Project Management Integration

Connecting Asana, Azure DevOps or Jira allows Chronoscope to import automatically your projects and track the activity on the tasks and tickets for every user in your workspace.

Once enabled, your timesheets will automatically be pre-filled with data coming from Asana, Azure DevOps or Jira.

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Calendar Integration

Once enabled, your timesheets will be automatically pre-filled with data coming from your Google or Office 365 calendar events.

Also, the more you use this integration, the smarter it gets!

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Calendar time tracking

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