Automate your time tracking

The automated and integrated time tracking assistant that helps you accurately track your time without any worries.


Linked to your other everyday tools like Slack, Jira, Google Calendar and many more, Chronoscope is able to easily help you create precise and relevant timesheets.
Sync your projects and monitor the activity on your team's tasks to automatically create precise timesheets.
Receive pre-filled timesheets in form of interactive message and validate them directly from Slack.
Google Calendar
Pre-fill your timesheets from your calendar events. The more you use this integration, the smarter it gets!
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Our customers are lovin' it

Hear it directly from our customers!
“With the Jira and Google Calendar integrations, I almost never have to manually log time.”
Francis Provost
Software Engineer
“No more managers running after their employees to complete their timesheets.”
Joel Chartier
Team Lead
“This product is by far the one that simplifies the most our time tracking as a team.”
Olivier Chatelain
Head of digital strategy

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